Interconnection solution for the railway market
Ruggedized Connector Series for Train and Other Harsh Environmental Applications
EMI/RFI Shielding Interconnection Systems
It's circular bayonet locking connector which are used principally in the transit rail industry and heavy applications
Heavy Duty Modular Rectangular Connector, consists of rugged aluminum shell and frames and multiple-contact with many insert arrangement
Rectangular modular heavy-duty connectors, consisting of hoods & housings, inserts, contacts. Connection in harsh environment, for industrial applications indoor & outdoor.
ASVG series has been designed in accordance with the MS5015 specification.
M12 Snap On connector series has been designed for railway signal transmission (EN45545). Quick connection. 360° shielding.
ASPRC is a connector especially designed for data transmission. With guide pins and self-locking system, this high performance connector is also resistant to vibrations & shocks. ASPRC has 52 pins max, 20# contact, and a rated current of 5A max.
ASTP is a rectangular connector with a lever mechanism. Its metal outer shell provides a strong resistance against vibrations & shocks. ASTP can be widely used for railroad-related vehicles, communication equipment and industrial equipment.
ASGP is a ground power connector specially designed for rail vehicles receiving maintenance in the garage repair station when high voltage circuit power is cut off.
EMP (Electrical Motor Power) provides a high voltage and huge current connection for RMTapplications.